Sustainable Development Goals

This theme covers the topics related to GR marine, gender and other linkages bewteen ABS & SDGs.


This theme covers the topics related to gender, marine genetic resources and other linkages between ABS & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Regarding gender, women play a key role in biodiversity conservation and managing genetic resources, yet their role as users, custodians and managers of biodiversity and natural resources is often overlooked and not immediately apparent, limiting their access to credit, land, investment, decision-making processes and preventing them from accessing the benefits derived from the use of biological and genetic resources and their associated traditional knowledge.

In this framework, users will find in the Global ABS Community useful tools to guide efforts on mainstream gender considerations into ABS compliant value chains and ensure that men, women, youth and elderly equally benefit from various ABS interventions.

Topics covered

  • Marine genetic resources
  • Gender and ABS

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