Private Sector & Industries

This theme covers the topics related to business models, value chains & ABS, industries and contracts.


Investing in human and institutional capital to build and strengthen critical capacities and streamlined guidelines that will leapfrog the implementation of delivery-able Access and Benefit Sharing partnerships under the Nagoya Protocol


In this thematic area, we will be looking at key industries using genetic resources. This will provide an overview of market dynamics and explore major trends in R&D and demand for access to genetic resources

Survey based investigations showed that there is a huge knowledge gap with regards to understanding the business models of the different industries using genetic resources. By having a basic understanding of how the markets for genetic resources operate, providers, regulators, negotiators and investors will identify current and potential utilizations of a given material. By knowing how resources are being or will be potentially used, they will be better equipped not only to unfreeze the lengthy discussions over years to assign a realistic value for a given resource or knowledge, and by realistic we mean a one that is just, equitable and mirrors business realities, but also to change the narrative underlying ABS partnerships.

One way of building critical capacities is to develop industry-specific and across-industry guidelines to mirror the different modalities according to which industries access and use genetic resources and its associated traditional knowledge. Another way could be through bottom-up ABS compliant value chains. Doing so will undoubtedly promote biodiscovery partnerships by enabling providers, regulators and users to draw realistic pathways given the current and future trends and determinants of R&D cycles in the industries using genetic resources.

Topics covered

  • Understanding the business models of key industries using GR/aTK
  • Valorization of GR through bottom-up ABS Compliant Value Chains (Time for ACTION methodology)
  • The business case for gender mainstreaming into ABS partnerships (MIND Your Step tool)
  • Sectorial guidelines to promote delivery-able ABS partnerships

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