The Global ABS Business Facility

Supporting the strengthening of partnerships and coordination to increase dialogue and support between users and providers

The business facility supports micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) of over 40 ABS projects that are using biological resources for the development of products used by the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, and agriculture industries. The facility also identifies opportunities for MSMEs to support the development of value chains with biological resources that can be transformed into novel and innovative high value products through biotechnology.

Twenty-seven examples of these collaborations are described in the publication “ABS is Genetic Resources for Sustainable Development”. In Mexico, for example, a community-based micro enterprise known as Women and Environment (Mujeres y Ambiente) is focused on the sustainable use of medicinal and aromatic plants which constitute the base of the value chain for novel cosmetics developed through biotechnology by the company Provital.

Other relevant examples of UNDP’s work with MSMEs include the stories from Colombia, Cook Islands, China, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mongolia, South Africa and Vietnam described on the book.

Are you a researcher, private company aiming to identify a solid partner in order to comply with ABS requirement in provider countries?

Send your request to the ABS Business Facility and we´ll put you in contact with research institutions or private companies that could guide you through the entire process of accessing and using genetic resources in a certain third country, in compliance with Access and Benefit Sharing principles under the Nagoya Protocol. The ABS Business Facility is an innovative approach to foster partnerships and attract business investments into bio-based economies using genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge. 

Interested in support?

To apply and get support from the ABS Business Facility, follow the steps below.

  1. Fill in the ABS legal request ticket. Please include your name, address, company name, telephone number and two email addresses. On the comment section, please describe, as detailed as possible, your request.
  2. You should receive a notification email. Please keep in hand the request ticket number assigned to your case.
  3. From this point, an ABS expert will contact you to provide support.

All the information received under this service is treated as confidential and it will not be shared with third parties without the consent of the party submitting the request.

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