Webinar on Gender and ABS

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On the road to 2030, there is a growing understanding of the cultural constructions underpinning the roles played by women and men, youth and elderly and conditioning their relationship with biological and genetic resources. Looking to the Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) regime under the Nagoya Protocol, some key questions arise. Why does gender really matter? What benefits could we expect from mainstreaming gender into ABS value chains? How do we do it?

This webinar presents the initial findings of a gender analyzes of ABS value chains, conducted by the UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project in 2018. It sheds the lights on the differentiated gender roles among ABS value chains, explains the underlying cultural determinants and – most importantly-, it analyzes gender-based implications for ABS value chains. After examining the “Whys”, it addresses the “How to” in an attempt to support ABS practitioners at the frontlines by providing them with actionable tools to better harness the full social, economic and environmental potential of ABS value chains.


Alejandro Lago, UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project Manager;

Fouad Bergigui, UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project Regional Specialist.

View recording here.

View presentations here.  


Agustina Rato

Agustina Rato

Web Content and Communications Officer, UNDP – GEF Global ABS Project / United Nations Volunteer Component.

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