Traditional knowledge and community owned solutions in conservation and development. A trainer’s guide

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The overall goal of the course is to improve the capacity of Indigenous leaders and staff in government agencies and civil society organisations to strengthen and support inclusivity of Indigenous and local peoples in national decision-making and to safeguard their traditional knowledge, innovations and practices. At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

i. Explain the importance of traditional knowledge for biocultural diversity;
ii. Identify how traditional knowledge can contribute to their organisations work and/or plans, and advance their country’s international and national commitments on conservation and development;
iii. Apply the community owned solutions approach in promoting traditional knowledge and addressing community challenges;
iv. Practice participatory methods, particularly participatory video, in engaging communities;
v. Summarise the process of developing a traditional knowledge national action plan.

Carla Bengoa Rojas

Carla Bengoa Rojas

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