WELCOME to the Global ABS Community!!

WELCOME to the Global ABS Community!!

The Global ABS Community is an open platform, allowing ABS stakeholders to contribute through discussions, experience sharing, best practices and knowledge sharing. The platform introduces private functionalities, where technical assistance requests are dealt in a confidential and secure way with the support of specialists in the topics.

 We invite you to register in the platform and obtain a member ID that will allow you to create discussions, posts, upload files under “Discussions”; upload documents under “Knowledge Base” and create announcements under “Announcements”.

 The Global ABS Community: Generating trust between users and providers of genetic resources globally.

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I am currently the Global Project Manager and the Regional Specialist for Latin America and the Caribbean of the UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project since January 2017, a 3-year project that promotes the full implementation of the Nagoya Protocol and ABS in 24 countries around the world. Before I joined UNDP I was the Director of the UNESCO Chair for the Environment at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain), a small department specialized in environmental law and policy. Through a legal and technical assistance to the Spanish Ministry of Environment I was able to be directly involved in the negotiation of the Nagoya Protocol and, after its adoption, I have been supporting its implementation in several countries around the world in different projects to support legal frameworks, research institutions, indigenous peoples and local communities as well as private sector.