Updated/ harmonized ABS legislation submitted for approval Council of Ministers & Parliament through a Submission Letter from Environment, Forest and Climate change Commission (EFDR). (Level at 31 January 2020, end of the project in Ethiopia). 

Capacity Development

Increase by X% in the capacities of national and state competent authorities and related agencies to develop, implement, and enforce national ABS domestic legislation, administrative or policy measures for ABS – including a CHM, as measured by the UNDP ABS Capacity Development Scorecard:

  • 86% (level at 31 January 2020, end of the project in Ethiopia) (Annex 10 Ethiopia). 

National Policy Measures

Number of national policy measures adopted for protecting TK, innovations and practices, and customary uses of biological and genetic resources:

  • national TK policy instrument submitted for approval or adoption through a Letter from Environment, Forest and Climate change Commission (EFDR).

CHM Development

Number of countries with a national ABS CHM, an improved web page with relevant ABS information, or a national biodiversity CHM with ABS-related information:

  • procedures and information will be uploaded as soon as they are finalized and formally adopted. (http://www.ebi.gov.et/) & Geonode of EBI. These mechanisms also facilitate access to information for national and international users of genetic resources and support compliance under national law and the Nagoya Protocol 

National abs policy development

21 national ABS framework proposals drafted and submitted for approval to competent authorities.

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