Theme: ABS Legal Frameworks

Specific topics for this theme:

  • ABS clearing house
  • National ABS regulations
  • GR monitoring
  • Intellectual property
  • Synergies with other ABS inititives

Theme: ABS Legal Frameworks

This theme covers the topics related to regulations, ABS-CH, GR monitoring, intellectual property and sinergies.


To exchange knowledge, experiences, good practices and lessons learned on establishing and implementing ABS legal frameworks at the national and/or regional levels including through legal, policy and administrative measures.

Undp Eurasia


This thematic area considers the key obligations of the Nagoya Protocol on ABS and their implications for policy makers, indigenous and local communities, researchers and the private sector.




Topics covered

  • Setting the scene: Overview of ABS under the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol
  • Access to genetic resources: PIC, MAT and IRCC
  • Access to traditional knowledge associated to genetic resources held by indigenous peoples and local communities
  • Benefit sharing obligations and ABS agreements
  • Compliance measures: Checkpoints and compliance measures
  • Intellectual property and ABS: how the intellectual property system can support national ABS frameworks

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